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Welcome to the light

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hello and welcome.

I am, currently, a one man studio developing games of mobile at the moment, for Android platform.

This is the blog of the studio site, so, all the info you will want to know about development idea, process or any info about the games or events will be recorded here.

Images and videos will be added here and I will try very hard to update as often as I can.

If you are interested to contribute ideas, feedback (both good and bad - and if bad so keep it constructive) all is welcome.

As a kind word of warning, I am not PC (Politically Correct) or SJW (Social Justice Worrier/Worshipper) either Climate Change advocate (specifically Extinction Rebellion) or support any radical ideologies which contribute nothing to humanity, therefore if you "feel" unsafe, hurt, offended or any other childish behaviour please feel free to press Ctrl + W now,

Thanks :)

If you do decided to stay because you find all this none seance non applicable to you please feel free to leave a comment or just browse by.

Contributions would be appreciated, PayPal, Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin or BitcoinCash, also BAT when it would be available.



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