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Doggy issues

If the virus and the heat were no enough so my old dog is acting up... waking me up at 3 am of her crying laying on the floor, she probably fell down from a step and can't get up.

She is 16 years old, and that is very old for dogs, I am worried.

So, as the heat increase and we got a heat wave warning coming I could hardly do anything, very much unmotivated, as everything compressed into 1 big chunk of problems...

But I did force myself ti finish the astronaut model.

It's not very pretty I admit, but "The swan doesn't need to watch it's self to be white, it just is" DreamCorp LLC, it is true, this model would be in a mobile game, it's size is tiny and it's does not need to do much so there is no need to over work it.

Maybe, once the game is published I could retry to make a new one, but other than that I think it's enough.

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