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SARS CoV2 and me

Just when you thought things can't get any worse...

It always happens.

So how I deal with it?

I was sent back home to be ready to be called for reserves duty to help in lock-down enforcement and/or replace troops on the field to let them get refreshed.

But that means I need to pack some stuff and go, but what about my studies?

My PC is huge and takes just slightly more then just 1 suitcase, I could not take it.

So, I simply tear it to parts and took it with me, YES motherboard, GPU, SSDs, cables, and keyboard + Wacom tablet.

Fortunately I was able to construct back some of it, with a little weaker PSU and some fans I had from old and broken PCs I used to fix.

No optimal but... it works.

Cooling is the big issue, my PC has 4 mega fans, as my room in summer get to very hot and reach critical degrees of heat, and with the little air conditioner the walls still project heat so it gets... "okish" in my room.

Now, I got nothing... just some CPU fans and a medium fan to lift some of the heat, still, each compile operation kick the CPU to about 70+ which is not great at all, and the GPU get hot very fast if I use just a little more on the UE4 viewport.

Although I was pushing all settings to low, heat would still be the big issue, so working at night when the temperatures would get slightly low I could work, around 22:00 till 2:00.

Luckily so far I have not been called and as of things now I would probably not get called as we "flatten the curve" in Israel, which is great news!

Kinda makes me feel they wasted my time... but better be safe then sorry.

Being locked at home is to great but I was able to do some work as I was trying to get my mind off a little from the virus and stuff but with all my system restrictions baby steps is an understatement.

So while i'm unable to work during the day what can I do?

Well, as I said before I was trying to study Blender, and what a great time to try and watch some YouTube tutorials on the matter.

This tutorial was very good example of using the very basic tools in Blender, and how to create a more or less simple meshes with textures:

This was a really great piece of information I needed to apply in my game as I was struggling to make the Astronaut mesh and textures, after watching this tutorial I was able to rework the mesh and make a very basic shape with include very little triangles and still give a good impression of a full scale model.

It's not perfect, at all, but for a mobile game that needs things as small as possible, it fits, also... small screen it would still look good enough IMO.

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