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Sounds good

Update, I'm not sick, but thing here are getting really good and my reserved order is cancelled, in a sense I came here for nothing... well to be with my parents..

Today I added sounds to the game, now there is some audio feedback like the aliens spooky sounds and pain sounds then the player dies.

I have also started to work on a new opening screen as the old 2D boring open screen was very off putting for some people.

I wanted to make an opening screen with Mars in the background in space, so I found a good texture of Mars put it on a sphere and great! but.. space?

For that I found a neat little app called: Spacescape.

It's free for use and basically it generates a random seed of pixels that you can edit and make it look like space.

It then saves it either as separated images for as a sky box, in Unreal Engine you can deform the box into a sphere and then apply it in game, it's not perfect as sometime it overlaps a few bits and it is noticeable but in my case, unless you check it with a magnifying glass you won't notice at all, also, it is a mobile game so...

I might add a tiny model of a space shuttle... I dont know I need to be mindful of file sizes and make sure I don't just add more and more stuff if it's not necessary.

I feel like I should write more... but there is so much I can do and the amount of tests I do to make sure all is functioning well is mind blowing, my phone in connected almost all day to the PC and work closely with UE4.

I just wish it was a little colder or I could get my PC case, which is at the moment in Norwich and is unreachable and obtainable...

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