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It's getting better

So, the infected in Israel are starting to go down, and I mean by healing more than dying which is good!

My army call has been downgraded to stand by so probably it will get canceled, which is kinda annoying as I feel I was called for nothing...

As of the game, I gained some progress in spite of the heat.

I was able to create the sound system but now I need to find sounds and apply them in.

I have created a timer which freezes the Boulder and let you have 3 seconds of run before it start to roll back at you.

I had some issues with the Aliens as they would not cause damage more than once.

I think it has something to do with Health system I put in that miss something, ill need to check it out.

I really like the timer model I'm not sure why in game it's small and not as pretty as this but it gives the feedback to the player that it is a timer and just some block.

My next task it to rework the Astronaut and rework the texts.

One of the feedback friends suggested to make unified font for all the game texts as some of the places it’s one but on others is different.

One a side note I was able to reduce the game file size to 70 MB which is great, I need to check if I can lower it even more, though I believe I pushed it to the absolute minimum, most of the textures are JPG and no PNG, models are low poly to almost blocky, and just need to see how the sounds work...

New publish date? Probably end of May not sure...

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