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MS Teams

So as it seems this pandemic is going to take some time, so coming to university is not going to be an option this year, so we are shifting to work on Microsoft Teams.

I never used it before, but as far as I can see it's a collaboration system for communication, unlike Zoom that is just... conference calling...

So we had our first session there, surprisingly my network was ok and did not lag as much as I thought!

We were only 4 students online and we have shown our progress, and although I felt kinda bad that I could have not done much due to my PC not being much of a PC but a room heater... I was able to shoe some progress and improvement.

And of course got some feedback and tasks for another week.

My hopes are that the weather keeps calm like this and maybe I would be able to gain some progress during the day as well without burning down my CPU.

My current progress was fixing the Boulder speeds and adjusted the lights in the game, I was able to get the game running on the phone at a 55-54 FPS, which is good, 60 FPS is the goal but as long as it not lower I am fine with that.

My next task is to remodel the Astronaut once and for all.

I have been practicing in Blender for a while and just could not get it done, I wish to also add some animation to it but for now I guess it's better just to make it static and later I will add the bones an joints for animation.

I have used this image for some time and with some of th guides I watched on YouTube, it looks easy but as soon as you get into the details... it gets messy for some reason.

I believe it's just me not being confident enough in Blender to get it.

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