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Goose chase

This week in our session we have not done any particular work some have done their research other did project development.

In the mean time we have reviewed a few game that came out such as "Untitled Goose game", brilliantly made game featuring... a goose, I wont go to deep to explain but just think of all the strange things geese do and that is exactly what is the goal of the game!

One thing I have done in this session is working with one of the tutors about my game code, We have done some cleaning up work and were able to add some "cinematics" to the character moment, we were unable to figure why the roller would hover around and not fall down towards the character.

Floating roller

In a later "Aha!" moment my tutor advised some corrective actions to the code only to later realize that the movement of the character is actually based in the... tiles them self... It works but, this is not a correct or efficient way to control a character.

It meant one thing, the code need to be rewritten again!

This has already happen once a while ago in the summer before I went back home, my code was working but was very expensive with resources, on PC it would work great, on mobile it would crash after 2 minutes.

So, now the task is to rewrite the code and see how to make the character move by itself, or should I say by an event and not my the environment itself.

tile with moving function for a character

And task 2, find out why the roller is doing what it's doing and not what it should do, chase the player.

And task 3, upgrade my UE4 engine at home to 4.23, I am currently working on 4.17, hopefully it won't destroy the entire thing as it usually does...

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