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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

I got tasked on creating a game for a competition.

For D&AD, for a new game to create player to make stories together.

As a reference we got the brief about game such as "Sea of Thieves", where it is an open world with many many option and limitless opportunities.

The basic idea is to make a game where player would hang around and have fun, make stories and new experiences, while playing a game.

As initial thought, MMO are the basic thinking as SOT is the same idea.

Thinking about making a MMO is not easy, many mechanics, many options and how does it make it any different than SOT?

For as much as I know many games that uses players to work together, either simply or in a very complex way, are either MMO's or simple pixel type of games such as, it's a good game but... not very connecting people...

After speaking with a friend form Mexico about the "Day id the dead", where they celebrate and honer loved ones who passed away, I immediately reminded by Grim Fandango and the quest to get to Heaven.

So, what if I make a game in a stempunk environment or world where you want to reach for the skys?

Similar to the Anime "Patema Inverted" where 2 people on the same world, but one lives opposite to the other, one on the ground while the other on the sky, so one can fall down and the other fall up, yeah I know confusing but brilliantly made and is A MUST WATCH.

Again I some how got into MMO, where players need to build flying ships and go up to the sky, or maybe they are dead? need to get to heaven?

Eventually after many many thoughts and hard time formulating an idea, I got to this:

Deadland Jam-Nado, 4 players, need to get up, limited communications, no names, no chats, only sound of bones and flashing bits, each player need to play a role, help or make troubles, get up up up up.

Simple, funny, and many options to make experiences and create stories.

I will upload the pitch document and create the GDD to be public on the site.

In the meanwhile ill make some crude visuals and try to get a good idea on how it will look and feel, again a bit hinting to Grim Fandango but also hits on Journey, all in a mix of a trail to get to heaven.

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