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Future project plan

The last run is now up!

We need to think a make a 2 slides presentation on what we plan to do for the end of the year which is also the end of the degree (how did 3 years gone so fast?!).

Ok, lots of ideas, little time, need to press on things that matter, but what are they?

I have gotten into Quixel and I like it a lot, creating photo realistic scenes are awesome! and pushing it into games is so cool.

But thinking of future employment that might be a little tricky... My friend Guy, have studied with me concept art back at IAC, and today he is an animator at Snowball Studios, and Sergey? he is a storyboard producer for an ad company, funny I see his drawing and later the actual ad on Facebook and YouTube.

So I need to expand beyond games, maybe ads? maybe modeling? animation?

I do remember I have seen a music video of some Trance group on YouTube with a simple asteroid animation but... they looked wired and not realistic? their movement was awkward as well, simply put someone did not put much effort, though I doubt any one set and watched 45 minutes of asteroids flying around in a repetitive order that long.

Do maybe ill try to make something cool for them for some publicity?

With regards to my progress on portfolio 2, well, I am still struggling with the 2 controllers 1 screen thing... I feel really dumb that I can't get this through, I think it's all because I make it too complicated, or I just miss something?

Except for this, I have gained much new stuff.

Blender, Quixel, Wind effect, lights and baked lights, material manipulation and sound system.

I got the feeling I got mixed with the current unit and the other unit goals... but none the less all this info is new stuff I need to work with to make my final project and develop my skills.

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