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Demo Level creation


Currently i'm working on a game idea I pitched.

In brief:

It's a 3D side scroll game.

You play as a dead person who try to reach heaven with 4 more players.

The main infrastructure is similar to "Journey" where all players are in the same "level"and no one know who is who.

The only way to differentiate between the player is visually and mechanically there are 4 types of players:

Builder - Build stuff.

Engineer - Fix stuff.

Chemist - Create stuff.

Poet - Talk to NPC's.

The setting is a half black and white with hits of colours and everything looks kinda dead, reminding the game "Limbo".

Currently working on the mechanical stuff and less on the visuals, the current visuals are just to get a better grasp on how the game would look more or less, and also to give a little motivation...

Currently working on:

Make the inventory "clickable" and when players get close to a puzzle item they can click the item to make it work.

Mixing of items to create other items.

Options of solving puzzles - 1 Option is ok, 1 Option less ok, 1 Option really BAD!

Later I can start to work on some visuals.

But for now I need to finish thees small mechanical works and all good to go for a demo level.

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