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Critical writing

Writing an Industry report is not easy.

It hard NOT to use "I", "Me", "We" in other words, to try and stay as objective and clean as you can without too much personalize.

Though I have read many articles and reports and aware of hoe clean and clear the writing need to be it is hard.

This week we were supposed to write 1500 words and give a brief intro + chapters of our essays and give it for feedback, though its not too hard and long, a week ago we had to make up the chapters, finding sources and have some content was not easy.

The Israeli game industry info is very hard to find, and scheduling interviews is even harder, a market so small and concentrated it's hard to get anything out, also most of the info is in Hebrew so translation takes time and effort.

So I was able to extract some info form a report and some form a new article form one of Israels known news cast, though I take any news today as a grain of slat with all the "Fake news" out there it's insane!

So I had 1500 words, and a list of sources, unfortunately the interviews never took place as I had to reschedule them, either I couldn't or my interviewees couldn't, so I had to leave a blank space.

One of my sources is a the chief executive of the Israeli game developers and publishers association, GameIS, thats pretty cool I was able to get in touch with him that fast but get to talk with him is a little hassle...

I do hope to get this interview done soon, and I will have to ask my lecturer about someone form the local UK industry to get some counter argument about the UK game industry, AND... UKIE we are supposed to be members and get login details but it seems to be not coming anytime soon, and I could use it, there some reports there but they are for members only... kind pain in the glass, so got some stuff to give and got some stuff to ask for we'll see.

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