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Week 2 Indie Dev insights

This is the 2nd week, so far we have not created anything, but we have talked about what we wish to expand our knowledge in.

So some of the course members suggested:



Spawn Waves.




And even some tutorials in Maya.

So, we got some stuff to go over.

Personally, I find AR and Lighting to be my field of interest and also Optimization, though as far as I know working in UE4 i'll need to dive into C++ for it.

Lights out tutor said it's not so complicated, maybe I just don't get it? to make game for mobile platform you'll need to make all lights, but ALL LIGHTS static, this of course causes some issues with some objects, they all look too dark.

An option I found on UE Answers said that "fake lights" do the trick, but they never really gave any link or guide except some images of live lights and fake lights.

I did find a video about fake lights and how they are implemented but this has not helped as I could not find how to make it properly...

There must be something I miss!

Also, another tutor have seen my game project, funny enough he liked it, and he sat down and was trying to beat my high score! Too bad for him another student joined in and got a score so high it was almost impossible to beat.

Later he had a little glance at my code, he was impressed, but also a bit worried.

So, the code work fine to some extent, but it was not very efficient, it used physics, in mobile that is one of the worst things you can do, physics makes lots of mathematical calculations this of course is not desired at all, also, the player character movement was based in the game object itself instead in the character, this is also not very good.

(Roller component is a character class with physics...)

(Character movement inside the tile blueprint)

With this 2 things I need now to find a way to fix it... only question is how?

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