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Save, Load, Destroy, Rollback, Restart

So, imagine this, you code a game and made all the assets you need.

Test it a few time on the PC and it works, then, you build it up fro mobile and give it ago.

So probably it SHOULD work right? if there were no error on the PC why would they be on you mobile?

As son as you tap the app... nothing... well, not really nothing you do get the splash screen but then it crash...

How do you fix it? On PC it's easy you can just add some console command and see the log, but mobile is different.

So, after many many trials to fix this issue, I got to no where.

Ok now what? how do I go from here?

Luckily I was smart and used GitHub!

So, I won't explain too much about it as some already know it and some not, but in a quick sentence it's a "Source Control" platform that allows you and other to work and a project and submit version of your project without "destroying" the past versions.

So all the hard work had to be redone from... November... Yes that long back, BUT at least I got the stable version back.

Reworking some of the parts but this time working closely with my phone to make sure that the game don't crash, of course it's a bit of a messy work but in order to not go back and rework everything once again this method of work needs to be accomplished.

At the moment what being redone:

Menus - Need some optimization.

Models - Need some re work to increase performance.

Textures - Reduce size.

Roller code - need to be retraced to where the roller gain speed.

Pick ups - health replenish and reduce roller speed temporarily.

My aim date to release the game/open beta is 1st of April.

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