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Quixel - Better understanding

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Today, in a great delay, I got Quixel and try some of the Epic-Quixel megascans mixing features.

As compared to Substance painter, it is completely different stuff, Quixel is all about creating ultra realistic textures, while Substance is all about making your own textures by simply painting the texture on the model you created.

So, my first thoughts about it are a bit mixed (pun intended).

It is a bit different then the regular texture creating software I used to have.

The idea is really to "mix" textures together to make a new or a unique texture.

It looks like there are limited options to make things, but in real, there are many option you just need to understand the textures and layer logic.

So far I have not created any interesting new texture, but I have given it a little trail and error.

I will try to create something new and interesting and upload on the site for people to try out in their projects.

Big question: Why?

Well, I have been using Substance for while and learning how to create baked lighting in a game was not something easy for me.

I know it may sound stupid but creating and generating light in a 3D environment is easy, BUT keeping in mind the hardware specifications for what and where your game will run on can change this whole image.

Mobile phones are VERY resources limited, so putting live lights is like trying to get a turtle to run a marathon in 1 hour... it's not realistic...

PC and Consoles can run live lights easily, well, to some extent.

Optimising the lights and the render, light maps, UV's, all those stuff need to be considered.

So, again why Quixel?

Substance is more intuitive to use, but sometimes using something else which is out of the "norm" can give a better perspective to what and how to create things.

And also, it's free for now so I can experiment as much as I can before I finish University.

A new project I think about is an architecture demo of an apartment in 3D with maybe Ray tracing, probably my GPU will die on the way so it will be a good excuse to get a new one.

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