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Questioning the question

This final year writing task is about writing 5k words essay, report or an article.

Subject wise, we had to make a proposal last year, but as always the world is changing and so some peoples ideas.

I have decided to make a comparison between Israel and UK, about their game industry.

Coming form Israel, I have known that there are few, very few, companies who make games but none is so widely known around the world, why?

I do know that the video and VFX Israel have some of the greatest talents, like my friend Or Terry, AKA Orion, that recently got a job at some film company doing VFX for them.

What I hope to gain from this research is and this paper are 2 things:

1. Get a better outlook at Israels game industry and see where is stand in the global market.

2. Bring Israel to the world attention, with all the negative political attention, and try to promote it.

Of course, number 2 is slightly difficult and may take long time then just a few month but still it's a goal.

The research question I think about is: How easy or hard it is to start a studio in Israel compared to the UK?

This might change though, still need to figure out if ti's critical enough.

This year seminars are all about the research, last year we had all the theoretical material delivered, many insightful stuff, it seems to me that some studios and game creators do know those things but yet, I do get surprised when I hear about game or a creator that have done something different, or as some say, controversial, is it really that bad?

Well, depends what and who took the dirt for it.

So, once again the level has risen and now we need to think carefully on all the things we learned so far, make the right decisions and understand what we do and where are we heading.

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