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Project: Mars Roller

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

2 Questions:

A. Have you seen the movie Interstellar?

B. Have you seen Mars no Netflix?

If you answered both yes so this game should be easy to understand.

If one or all no? so, let me explain!

Interstellar, most probably the most scientifically accurate movie ever made about space travel, even tough it is very fictional true to 2019, it is mostly memorable due to it's breathtaking scenery and, of course, the exquisite soundtrack made by the one and only Hans Zimmer!

Funny enough the soundtrack is a scientific wonder on it's own as it makes you believe the movie editors increase the volume each time the music gets to it's climax (Allegro) but in true it's not!

Anyway, music aside, the most famous scene, or at least one of them, is the scene known as "Mountains" it is where the team lands on the planet with water only to find the wreckage of the other lander in the water, and as soon as they walk to find the beacon of the lander they discover the "mountains" to be giant waves heading full speed towards them!

"That's no mountains... those are waves..."

And needless to say how epic the music hit the scene with utmost perfection.

Now, Mars, on Netflix you can find the series, same as Interstellar, a very scientifically accurate show, the story as well slightly fictional, and it's a bit confusing as it keeps jumping between a documentary about a future Mars expedition and then jumps back to the main story.

Either way we learn from both that leaving earth to uncharted places can be VERY challenging and dangerous!

Mars Roller - What? Why? How?

So, lets start with the name, we all know the famous "Mars Rovers" Opportunity and Curiosity?

So they went to discover the orange/yellow planet of dust and sand, so, why not a human went instead?

Sure so we got the Mars, still, how a roller?

Well, can you imagine the intense music from the "Mountains"scene? Exactly!

So, here we got a scene on mars, no rovers though, just you, an astronaut heading to discover the planet secrets, but... well... a giant rounded rock starts to roll towards you... what do you do???

And so, Mars Roller it is!


Why not? I can make it happen so this is it, the game to break into the world, it's time to know about me!

And now, the how...

Android, easy fast and relatively cheap, IOS though... slightly expensive... PC? maybe in future development I can not guarantee...


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