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New Reality

So, I am home now, and need to wait for 14 days before I can go out and see some sunlight.

My PC is working though suffers from cooling issues, I have given the best fans I could get at home, 2 CPU fan coolers and 1 medium case fan.

Still the temperatures are not that great... only during the night I am able to produce stuff as each run of UE4 stresses the CPU with compile operations, my GPU is holding pretty good, even though it struggles with injection of cooler air it is able to dissipates the heat out form the CUDA cores.

So overall my progress has fallen into a turtle speed.

My planned 1st of April goal for Mars Roller need to be postponed,

It seems pretty grim right now, global pandemic, economy crashes, everything is shutting down and I can't do anything...

This feeling of helplessness is driving me crazy!

I just hope we can get this thing under control soon and we can get back to what’s really important, and that is to finish my projects and get to graduation!

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