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Maya recap

This week session was all about Maya and some recap on stuff we learned on our first year.

As much as Maya is a great tool for 3D it is still a challenge for me to master it, so many options and so little guldens.

We made some trees, low poly trees, our lecturer has taught us that one of the easiest ways to create models is by using the simple tool of "Extrude", though it seems almost obvious to use it, I never really gave it much attention...

The process was very easy and quick, I used to think that I need to add a primitive every time and "build the model instead of "sculpting" it out form 1 primitive.

Simple trees and other models is relatively easy to do, but later we added some complexity into it, we added some curves, basically we added a line and stretched it to however we wanted, and then simply "added" the mesh on it.

Unfortunately I don't have an image as I saved it on the University PC and forgot to copy it to my drive...

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