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Give up but not down

We had a mid unit review today, and though the review I was told to make a choice with regard to the prototype I make for the New Blood competition.

After a very long time that I was trying to crack down on why I can't make 2 controllers work on the same screen, well to more accurate 2 UI same screen my lecturer said I should reconsider my next move as I was spending quite a lot of time on it.

Honestly he is right though I feel like i might have not doe a very thorough research to find the answer.

Unfortunately this is a project that I will probably return later to finish just because I feel that I need to crack it up and finish it, or at least to have it concept proof.

Right now I will put all my resources on finishing Mars Roller and release it soon, if this Chinese virus won't hit here as it start to hit world wide...

I don't really give up on this project but I do give it down for now.

It's better to try and failed then not even trying and admitting failure in advance.

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