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First week of Final Year

So, back to University once again, now it's getting serious!

Third year and now I need to change the mind set from course work to career work, a very tricky transition.

Luckily I have already started to make this process in the summer after I met with my friend, Akemi Tsunagawa, CEO of Bespoke - A chatbot app for tourists in Japan.

Thank to her I got a motivation to make a new game and try to make my name out in the world, well, Japan any how.

The game Mars Roller has come to life and small "easy" project that by the end of the year I hope to be able to publish it on Google Play, iOS maybe in the future if there will be a high demand for it.

So after the 2 first sessions we had 1 in academic writing and 1 in indie development, we got our briefs.

Academic writing - Form last year we have given a proposal, this year we need to make it happen, I decided to write about UK and Israel's game industry.

Why? well, if you ask anyone about Israels game industry everyone will look at you as if you speak some alien language, it's simply not known... and that is the really WHY?

So, what is the goal of this paper? well, except for personal research I hope to be able to cast some light on Israel in a positive light, as I know that due to some other aspects people around the world dislike Israel.... (politics).

Indie Dev - Research! Yes research, we are tasked to research about the game industry, but not about technology or new engines, we need to look at others and learn from them, blogs, YouTube, discord, Tumblr (who use this???), personal websites and more.

Emphasis on promotion, funding, publishing and social events such as meetups and conferences.

Sounds easy right? well, it is but not really, there is a lot of material to go trough, lucky I know just a few stuff of it but the rest.. well 10 indie devs or studios, it;s not so easy... because we need to evaluate what is a good practice and do it our self.

So first week is done, so far seems ok, and I can feel that the focus has shifted, it's not anymore: "Do your best we wanna see it!", it's now: "Do your best it's for you, we could not care any less...".

Yup, game is on, wow so cheeky of me to say this, anyway i'll need to see how far I go and where.

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