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A game which has been developed as part of the 2nd year final project, a project to simulate a team work in an indie development studio with a small team of members,

In this team there were 2 concept artists and 3 model creators (3D assets) and of course 1 game developer.

This project was 2.5 month long with session in University with professional developers and feedback.

There was no collective grade of assessment for a "product" but rather an assessment on team work and facing challenges. each individual was assessed on his own contribution for the project.

This project was developed in UE4 v. 4.17.

If you wish to play this demo please send a contact form.

*Please note, there is no sound in this project due to the lack of time.

Participants in this project

Dean Lawton - Concept Art

Matt Parkin - Concept Art

Rob Shaw - 3D Assets

Ekaterina Shershneva - 3D Assets

Diana Spka - 3D Assets

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